Wood Sculpture, Reprimand
Passions lurk in the dark interior of this vase as they well up from the tangle of emotions below.   Oak on dyed driftwood with swarovski crystals.
17 inches high,    #739
Primordial Mist
Bleached pear set on sculpted, dyed birch.
11.5 inches high
A bleached, maple dancer pirouettes on a black, oval, wood base.
Height 12 inches    #705
  The entire birch tree, excluding bark, is included here.  The sapwood rivulets connect the heartwood at the top of the vase to the heartwood containg the pith of the tree, at the bottom.
Height 9.5 inches     #854
On Brittania Bay
Wisking back and forth across the bay, this two piece sculpture incorporates red gum sails set on  red-flecked black granite.
Height 15 inches    #747 748
Flor Negra
This black walnut flower hides in a thicket of powder-coated steel
Height 10 inches    #866
Walnut Woodlace
Black walnut elongated bowl with woodlace sculptural technique employed.
10 inches long,   5.5 inches high

A red oak blossom erupts from the dyed, maple tangle.
Height 13 inches     #779
Aged hickory/black walnut
16 inches high   #845

Many years ago I climbed mount Delphi in Greece and I recall the vines and porous rock where the oracle was believed to be located.  I was reminded as I completed this slippery elm and powder-coated steel sculpture.
Height 11 inches    #858
This little family ponders the contents of the partially opened box.
Hickory/Rosewood/Small soapstone sculpture.
Height 12 inches    #862
Breaking Out
Apple Turning set in welded and powder-coated steel chain
Height 14 inches    #864
Smoke & Mirrors
Pierced apple sculpture set on base of faceted mirrors
Height 10 inches    #773